I'm an ethically motivated developer with a background in design

I enjoy learning, solving complex problems, and crafting delightful experiences. I believe that the most important part of any tech work is in the equity, accessibility, safety, and privacy of what we create. My past works include building component libraries, design systems, themes, and websites. In my personal development work I am exploring modern tech like Typescript, React, and NextJS.

More about me

Before working as a developer, I was a designer working for the office of Diversity and Inclusion at Minnesota State University. I also designed learning materials for various university medical and science departments at Bluedoor Publishing. I like meeting new people and learning about cultures different from my own. I enjoy art and architecture and studied Southeast Asian and Islamic art history in college. I grew up with and love video games. You can find me anywhere; from getting destroyed in Overwatch, to hanging out in Tarrey Town in Breath of the Wild. I really enjoy video game music, so I am currently teaching myself piano and music production.

I could keep going, but if you want to know more about me, just reach out! Message me on Twitter.